Thursday, April 07, 2005

Tigers fever!

Many people probably think that I just jumped on the Tigers bandwagon and became a Hanshin Tigers fan after moving to Kansai last year. But I have rooted for the Tigers since the late 90s. The funny thing is, I became a Tigers fan while living in Hokkaido. Even funnier, I got introduced to the Tigers and their crazy fans by an Australian! (It's not every day that an Australian teaches an American about baseball...) I had been to a Japanese baseball game before, but found it kind of boring. The next year, however, my good Australian friend in Sapporo talked me into going to a Tigers game, promising me that they have the most interesting fans in Japan. Well, I was instantly hooked! I fell in love with the passion of the Tigers fans, and I have been a fan ever since. After going to the game on a Saturday afternoon, I liked the atmosphere so much that we went back the next day for another game. I love to see people who are passionate about something, and being surrounded by passionate and crazy Tigers fans is always a treat.
By the way, it's very mysterious, but I have become a good luck charm for the Tigers! Dating back to that first game I saw in Sapporo in the summer of 98, I have now been to seven Tigers games. Miraculously, they have won every single game! The Tigers have never lost when I have gone to see their game. Perhaps the team should treat me to season tickets? If there are any Tigers fans out there in my classes--and I'm sure there are!--let's enjoy a game together someday! I guarantee the Tigers will win!!!


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